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The Origins of the Death Orchid

So, some of my minions remember me. Those of you who brought me sacrifices may live.

Those of you who didnt...well, soon enough, you will be talking a walk through the park, or laying out on your lawn, and you will admire a pretty plant.

Step carefully.

Enough of that, although the pleasantly bloody images will keep me company for the rest of the night.

However, my High Priestess has compliled a list of the legends about me that have roots (heh) in the truth.


aliaspiral here, hijacking His Leafiness's lj for a moment to post these.

Beggars For Roses - literarylemming
- Claire and Charlie find a garden. And a beautiful indigo orchid. creepy, but no death.

This BOTHERS me.

Don't Pick the Flowers
- written in reaction to Beggars for Roses. The indigo orchid plots his revenge for the disturbance of his garden.

Along the way, the orchid obtains a name, multiple minions, all of my worship, and several icons.

He deserves them.

At this point, Petey, excuse me, The Most High Orchid, begins to move around a bit.

He makes some appearences in literarylemming's journal, as well as some in the charlie_claire community. At some point or another, he ends up running rampant over teffy's journal, (as well as corellianjedi's i think), where literarylemming accidently sprays him with miracle grow, he develops a crush on teffy and a large taste for shoes.

The Most Beautiful Bloom
- in which Shannon could be a Priestess, and Petey just wants Boone.

The Gardener
- Someone has to tend him.

Pushing Up Daisies
- the latest story that has surfaced (as of less than a week ago). Shannon knows that Boone will not be allowed to be buried.

At some point around here, petey the death orchid becomes a searchable lj interest. Petey also gains his own lj, where he terrorizes his minions and demands drabbles and mayhem.

So far, in the "canon" part of Petey's history, he has eaten:

Yes, Boone was sacrificed twice! Petey really likes Boone.

At this point as well,
Shannon, Walt, Locke and Sun all serve Petey, with varying degrees of willingness.

And now, he has all of you as his loyal minions. *evil smile*

But, those, for those of you who had any interest at all, are the origins of the Death Orchid as told to me, High Priestess aliaspiral.

Over and out.
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Triumphant Returns


I have left you without me for the summer, and THIS is how you repay me?!

No sacrifices! No shoes! Not even a small rodent to show your adoration!


Each and every one of you must prove your worth to me as minions, or I shall be forced to tear all of you apart, limb from limb.

I shall, content myself, for the moment, by rereading your old sacrifices.

Should it be pleasing to me later, I shall collect all sacrifices and place them in one common post, so that all may see who is worthy of being my minion...and who is about to die.

The High Priestess (aliaspiral) is currently accepting..menu ideas, should one of my beloved minions have someone they need..taken care of.
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Blood and Destruction

My high priestess finally got around to watching last weeks episode, and because where she goes, I go, I also got to see it.

I am very disappointed in the fact they would waste a perfectly good Boone by burying him, instead of bringing him to me as is proper. Especially before he could rot, as rotted corpse does not taste as lovely and bloody as fresh corpse.

However, they then cut to the Doctor attacking the Priest, which I know the Priest started so the Gardener could bring me the still warm body.

She is quite strong, that one.

I also got very excited, as the one with legs (tm some minion) was about to cause some mayhem, but she was stopped. I almost demanded the new one to be brought to me to soothe my annoyance, but I do not yet have the Gardener under my spell enough to have forced her hand.

My High Priestess is making noises about writing an essay about my origins, which I could be pursueded to share, should it contain enough awe and worship.

I will let you know.

In the meantime, leave me comments of the Lostaway you would most like to sacrifice to me. And the reason. Jealousy? Hatred? Looks?
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My Leafy Greenness is most displeased!

I have discovered that my High Priestess is soon to be unemployed. This is UNACCEPTABLE, as without a job, she cannot supply me with basic care and my extremly reasonable demands (All I desire is the world on a plate. With some spagetti sauce and meatballs. Preferably human meat.), as she will be too busy trying to keep herself alive and not starving (although this will make her bones nice and tender..but she herself will not be juicy. Hmm.)

When I suggested I get a new High Priestess, she rolled her eyes at me!

Then I took off part of her finger, and she swore and bled for awhile. It was a lovely sight.

Why do I put up with such impertinance from my minions? Perhaps I should eat you all, and start over again with minions and priestesses who know of my cravings and cater to them.

*snaps at you*
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List of Death

People and things which need to be eaten, as they have annoyed me:

-cable company
-cable man
-gas company
-water heater
-shower curtain (damn those cute little duckies. they mock me!)
-the High Priestess's art supplies, so she will stop neglecting the worship of My greatness
-the High Priestess's job
-and coworkers
-a school full of teenagers

You may also commit mayhem in the comments. Death and destruction today will please me.
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Moaning Injures My Sensitive Petals

My High Priestess has been ill, and therefore falling down on the job of worshipping and sacrificing to me.

I am quite miffed to be ignored. I would eat her, but the hacking and coughing would disturb me before I could finish her off, and the mucus clogging her lungs would most likely get all over me, and without a High Priestess, I am not sure who would be brave enough to clean me off.

I have been basking in the adoration of you, my minions, by reading and rereading the glorious carnage and death and blood filled drabbles that you have written for me.

At some point, I will go through and pass honors onto the minions who I feel deserve praise for inventiveness and chosen sacrifices.

At this point, the brother, the sister, the father, the husband, and the little one have all been enjoyed. In some cases, like the brother, more than once. Do not let this stop you from dreaming up new ways to feed them to me. I am aware there is only a limited amount of sacrifices that can be made.

Ignore my High Priestess hacking in the corner. She assures me that she will be well within a day, and will then sacrifice a longer story to me. As well as putting together a list of stories and drabbles that have been offered to me, and a list of current minions in favor.
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Minion Elevated

One of my loyal minions made two acceptable offerings today.

The first is this icon, which will be made the default icon of this journal.

The other is this banner, which I will require all of my minions to post or display at least once in some way.

This loyal minion is corellianjedi, and she has since been elevated to the status of "Priestess."

This is a difficult position, as priestesses are in charge of controling the minions and taking care of petty concerns that are beneath me.

Do not disappoint me.

Also, Boone is dying. I demand someone bring him to me before then. I do not want all that lovely blood going to waste.
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Inflict Pain, Minions!

The Death Orchid has been left off of this list of common carnivorous plants.

Due to the fact Death Orchids ARE extremely rare, and myself and the Little Ones are the only Death Orchids in the world, I still feel this is a slight.

Minions, correct this issue. Or inflict suffering. Or suffer yourselves.
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Lesser Beings

There is something oddly amusing about the "mood icon" being a little smiling flower.

I tried to eat it (and the keyboard) but the High Priestess took them away and then dared to lecture me.

I then bit her and she stopped. The nerve.

And there is no "overpowering hunger" or "bloodlust" in the moodtheme.

Would be disappointed, only I am used to this world being below my expectations.
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Minions and Donations Have Been Accepted

Those of you puny humans who left offerings to me have been accepted as My Minions.

The title says "Friends," but Death Orchids are above having "Friends." Therefore, you will all refer to yourselves as Minions of the Death Orchid, and will refer to me as "Great One." When discussing my leafy greenness among other minions, I will be referred to as He or Him. None of you have as yet shown you are worthy of being elevated to Priestess, so at the moment, my High Priestess will serve me alone.

Drabble offerings are currently being accepted in comments, and will be sorted and posted individually by my High Priestess. Offerings may contain death, blood, injury to any being of your choice (I dislike rodent), as well as any general sort of mayhem.

Worship is also expected, regardless of whether death, injury or pain is involved.